New craftsmen presented in the Homo Faber Guide of the International “Michelangelo” Foundation

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Four new craftsmen are enlisted in the digital edition Homo Faber Guide of the International “Michelangelo” Foundation. At the time of its launching in the middle of September, 2020 it contained the business cards of ten craftsmen from our country. It became possible, due to the fact, that the “Etar” Museum is Ambassador of Bulgaria in the Foundation, and the Director of the Museum – Prof. Svetla Dimitrova, PhD, being the Bulgarian representative in the Cultural Council of this international Foundation.    

The fourteen Bulgarian craftsmen use clay, metal, leather, wood and paper in their work. The digital edition Homo Faber Guide presents such artisans, whose production is of exclusive artistic value and the quality of the finished products is on a high level, according to the evaluation of experts of the Foundation.

We received the information from the Michelangelo Foundation, that since the launching of the digital edition Homo Faber Guide on the Internet, which happened in September, 2020,   214 000 unique visitors and 281000 sessions are being registered.  

The Homo Faber Guide introduces 26 countries, over 800 craftsmen, ateliers and manufactory productions, 300 galleries, shops and museums, 350 experiences. Information about the Regional Ethnographic open-air museum “Etar” can be found within the Guide.

On January, 28th also Hungary and Slovakia will be incorporated. The countries, presented until now in the prestigious European edition Homo Faber Guide are: Germany, Austriа, Spain, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Norway, Rumania, Lithuania, Sweden, Dеnmark, Luxembourg, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Russia, Italy, Finland, the United Kingdom, France, Iceland and Ireland. 

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