“Etar” Museum Will Be The Host Of The Ceremony For Prize – Giving Of “Zhiva” Award In 2024

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One of the most significant international events in the field of culture – the ceremony of prize-giving of “Zhiva”award of Forum of Slavic Cultures Foundation will be held in Bulgaria. It will happen at the end of September 2024. The director of the influential non-profit organization Andreya Richter, PhD and Ekaterina Dzhumalieva, member of the jury for determination of the winners among the museums, visited Gabrovo to familiarize with the conditions for realization of the ceremony.

Andreya Richter, PhD and Ekaterina Dzhumalieva talked with the mayor of Gabrovo Tanya Hristova who is willing to support this initiative. Organizer from the Bulgarian side is“Etar”.

Museum – winner of one of the two big”Zhiva”prizes for 2020 and it will be the host of the ceremony in 2024. The Ministry of Culture supports actively the Bulgarian presence at the Forum for Slavic Countries through its representative – Ekaterina Dzhumalieva – director of “Cultural heritage, Museums and Fine Arts” administration.

Details for realization of the ceremony were specified during the conversations among Prof. Svetla Dimitrova, PhD, Andreya Richter, PhD and Ekaterina Dzhumalieva. More than 150 representatives of the museums, members of the Forum for Slavic countries are expected at the ceremony.

Andreya Richter, PhD held a meeting with the deputy minister arch. Chavdar Georgiev, with head of the department “International Activities”Petar Miladinov and Ekaterina Dzhumalieva, director of “Cultural Heritage, museums and Fine Arts”administration at the Ministry of Culture.

Deputy Minister Georgiev greeted Mrs. Richter for her active work for the development and popularization of the Slavic cultures. Some possibilities for expansion of the cooperation between the Forum of Slavic Cultures and the Ministry of Culture in the field of literature, cultural heritage and museums were discussed. The initiative “Collection of 100 Slavic Novels”gives the opportunity for better acquaintance with authors from Slavic countries, the programmes “Slavic Heritage”and “Piranova”encourage activities in the field of safeguarding of cultural heritage, scientific researches and education. The confirmation of “Zhva”award is a base for deepening of the cooperation between the museums and the specialists from our countries.

In the course of the meeting, a hope was expressed that the ceremony for awarding of “Zhiva”in September 2024 at “Etar” museum will arouse great interest and will contribute to the increasing of the Bulgarian participants in the competition.

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